Our professional demolition team at Junk Free is ready to tear down any small structure you might want removed from your property!

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Full-Service Demolition

Demolitions can be potentially dangerous work. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, you could severely hurt yourself or damage your property. Even if you have the time and tools to do it yourself, it’s better to be safe and have a team of experts give you a hand!

At Junk Free, our team can get rid of any of those old sheds, decks, swing sets, and other small structures you might want gone. While we’re handling your project, you won’t have to lift a finger! We can take care of everything from here.

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Demolition, Fast

Demolition, Fast

If you’ve had enough of looking at that old, crumbling, shed, you don’t have to look at it much longer. Our team can schedule an appointment before you know it! Junk Free is flexible and can usually book appointments very quickly after your call!

The Punctual Professionals

Junk Free never wants to waste your time. Once you schedule your appointment window, we’ll stick to it! We’ll even give you a call when we’re on the way so you know exactly when to expect us.

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Experts in Demolition

It’s easy to accidentally mess up a demolition, and it’s often worth asking for help from experts you can trust. At Junk Free, we not only get Tulsa’s demolition work done fast, we get them done right! Our team has all the training, skillset, tools, and manpower to knock your light demolition project out with ease.

Since we’re the pros, you can relax and let us take away all the stress of your demolition off your plate! You won’t have to worry about a single thing.

Pricing for Demolition

Pricing for Demolition

There’s no one-size-fits-all price for demolitions. Costs will vary depending on the size and type of structure you want removed. We will charge based on the amount of space the leftover debris takes up in our truck. That means the labor of the actual demolition job is included at no additional charge!

When we see the item you want demolished, we’ll be able to give you a no-obligation quote upfront. We don’t have hidden costs or fees that you need to worry about because our team is transparent from the start about our project pricing!

Our Demolition Process

  1. Call Junk Free today to schedule am appointment or book online!
  2. Tell our team what you need demolished and we’ll give you an estimate when we check it out.
  3. Once we’ve finished, we’ll be sure to clear any debris and leave you with a nice, cleared space!

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