Items We Take

At Junk Free,our junk pick-up service covers an exhaustive range of junk items. We can haul just about anything off your hands! Check below to find out what sort of junk we’ll take.

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Accepted Junk Removal Items
Bagged trash
Couches and sofas
Mattresses and beds
Office chairs and desks
Wood furniture
Electronics and TVs
Dryers and washers
Wardrobes and armoires
Fridges and ranges
Other appliances
Clothing and toys
Construction debris
Yard waste
Hot tubs
Recyclable materials
Play equipment
Treadmills and weights
General junk items
And more!
Unacceptable Junk Removal Items
Fuels like gasoline
Herbicides and pesticides
Car fluids like oil and antifreeze
Biohazard items
Items located in dangerous areas
Bleach and cleaners
Wet paint
Pressurized containers
Any other hazardous materials
Items too massive to lift safely

Junk Pick-Up by Junk Free

f you want to be junk-free in no time, you need help from Junk Free. Our team is veteran-owned and locally operated right outside of Tulsa in Bixby. We’re a hard-working crew with a military background. At Junk Free, we’re determined to make your junk removal process as easy and stress-free as we can!

Booking with us is a great choice if you’re looking for a team that works hard, prioritizes excellent customer service, and is transparent about pricing and how our services work. At Junk Free, we provide unbeatable service and a customer-first philosophy, all at a rate that just can’t be undercut.

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